Dear Pennington families and students,

I hope all of you are well and staying safe in this challenging time.

I trust you have familiarized yourselves with the instructional documents posted earlier.  They remain a valuable go-to source for refresh and practice as needed.

Beginning this week (4/13) and continuing through the remainder of the school year, I will add 2 "Problems of the Week" (POTWs) to each course folder under Files and Documents. These are not the typical exercises that you have enjoyed seeing on the "festive worksheets" in class. Those were fairly mundane practice drills to establish and reinforce particular skills. The POTWs are more challenging, requiring you to draw on ALL your math knowledge, skills, and understanding to address given situations. 

To be successful you will have to make connections between the various math strands; number sense, computation, operations, functions, logic, measurement, etc. These are not intended to be "easy." Each POTW will require a lot of thinking. Don't expect to read the problem, know immediately how to proceed, and knock it out in a few minutes. But trust me, you have already learned everything you need to know in order to solve them. The challenge lies in identifying and connecting the variety of skills, knowledge, and understanding required.  

At the end of each week I will post detailed solutions to each POTW presented that week in your subject folder. I can be reached via email or through video chats to help guide you if necessary. 


Mr. Lena


Posted earlier:

Your teachers are working to provide resources to support your at-home learning experience. At this time it is anticipated that no new instruction will take place until after spring break. We are each posting a table of curriculum standards already taught this year, along with links to support the review and enrichment of the content. These are optional.  There is no expectation that assignments will be submitted, but we are available via email to answer questions or interact with you about these resources.

Please check the class page regularly for updates to the available resources. It is our hope that you enjoy the resources, links, videos, etc. as these are a great way to reinforce learning and to pass the time in an exciting and rewarding way. 

Lena Geometry Instructional Document - new March 25!
Lena Pre-Algebra Instructional Document - new March 25!
Lena Pre-AP Algebra I Instructional Document - new March 25!

Have a mathemagical interlude!

Thank you,

Mr. Lena