Instructor: Merrill, Erin J

In this class, students will use skills of historical and geographical analysis as they examine American history since 1865. The standards of this course relate to the history of the United States from the end of the Reconstruction Era to the present, focusing on social development, economic and political challenges of the time, and America’s developing global identity through the 19th and 20th Century.

Have a happy summer!

Thank you to my students who did more than just log in for a zoom!  Those of you who turned in the optional work had your final grades in class raised if they were within a margin - extra effort ALWAYS means extra credit.  Additionally, you guys got practice using projects like hyperdocs and digital escape rooms that are going to be used a lot as you encounter more online classes in high school and college!  

A special thank you to the students who filled out their COVID-19 journals - I will make sure to give you credit in 10, 15, and 20 years when I pull them out to teach about pandemics and the life of students in quarantine.  

See you all next year!   If you're interested in getting a head start checking out what Civics is all about - play around with the games on :)  They're free, fun, and we'll be doing a lot of them next year as checks for understanding during each unit of government.  

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