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In Civics/Economics, students will examine the roles citizens play in the political, governmental, and economic systems in the United States. Students will study the constitutions of Virginia and the United States, the rights, duties, and responsibilities of citizens, the structure and operation of government, the American market economy and the government’s role in it. The standards identify personal character traits, such as patriotism, respect for the law, willingness to perform public service, and a sense of civic duty, that facilitate thoughtful and effective active participation in the civic life of an increasingly diverse democratic society

Thank you to my 8th grade students who participated in our digital iCivics game odyssey over the past two months.  And a special thanks to the students who used Econ Lowdown to learn some Economics on their own!  You all have started building the skills that you'll need for virtual learning in the future, because even if we're face to face in the fall... you are still required to take at least one online class in high school to graduate  *I recommend PE, NOT personal finance!  All the fun finance activities are face to face otherwise it can be boring.

Please keep an eye and ear on current events, and remember - YOU are the future of the county, the state, and the country.  We are relying on you to complete those Civic Responsibilities so that you mold the community into somewhere we can all be proud to live in.   I look forward to voting for one of you someday - and hopefully it's for a local office where you can impact us the most! :) 


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