Hello to our Blue Jay Families!  And to those interested in becoming part of our Blue Jay Family!  We are so glad you are here, using the available resources and information! 

What an amazing start to this strange year!  Thank you to everyone for their patience and understanding - each day new items pop up, but each day I am reminded that we are a family and we work through things together.  It is getting smoother and I have no doubt that we'll soon be in a routine and back to the every day challenges of education! 

This year promises to be one that is full of change, growth, and reflection.  As we make our way through the year it is imperative that we remain in communication - please be sure to update your data on ParentVue and contact us if you have any questions.

As we enter this new year, we are continuing to focus on our "Be Like Mike" campaign, educating and encouraging each Blue Jay to demonstrate the character traits that our namesake, Officer Philip Michael "Mike" Pennington did each day, both on and off the job. This focus continues, even though we are off-site and learning from home.  Officer Pennington showed us that these character traits should be demonstrated at all times, not only when in the presence of your teachers and leaders.  So join us at home and... 

Be... Mindful, Inquisitive, Kind, Engaged

Please don't forget to check out our Twitter accounts to stay connected with our staff and each other!

Our Administrative Team

image of McCulla and students     image of Anderson and students

Amanda McCulla - Principal

@PTSPrincipal - Twitter

David Anderson - Assistant Principal
@PenningtonAPMrA - Twitter

Michelle Atkins - Director of School Counseling

We're STILL collecting plastic!  Drop it off weekdays, between 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.!
Girl Scouts - Bronze Award Recycling for Trex Buddy Bench
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Letters from Ms. McCulla - SY2020-21:
August 7 - Information
FAQ - August 7
August 14 - Daily Schedules and FAQ
Parent to Parent Connect Contact List
Mr. Lena 8th Grade Math
Attendance Letter from PWCS

 Additional Documents:

Behavior Flowchart SY2019-20
Behavior Expectations Matrix
BYOD SY2019-20
Community Service Hours Log
Family Volunteer Program Enrollment
Health Clinic SY2019-20
Hold Harmless Agreement
Pennington BYOD Guidelines and Agreement
Pennington Way
Safety Newsletter
Uniform Directives