Parents: Please ensure and remind your child about club meetings and arrangements for pick up. If a club is canceled,
sponsors will inform the students and an announcement will be made via the morning announcements. Students will only be
permitted to call home before the end of the day and in case of an emergency.

Known Club cancellations will also be posted here daily.

upcoming events
Britto Orthodontics

Mon – Day 1

Feb 27 

Tues – Day 2

Feb 28

Wed – Day 3

Mar 1

Thur - Day 4

Mar 2

Fri - Day 5

Mar 3

Mon - Day 6

Mar 6

Tues - Day 1

Mar 7

Wed - Day 2

Mar 8

Thur - Day 3

Mar 9

Fri - Day 4

Mar 10

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